Anne-Marie Choon

Voice actor | Singer | Streamer

I'm Anne-Marie Choon, a Malaysian voice actor, singer, and streamer currently based in Victoria, Australia. I have a passion for using my voice to bring life to characters and stories. I'm most interested in providing voice work for animations, video games, and audio dramas.I love creating content that helps me share the things I love with others. I began a Youtube Channel in 2015 where I primarily sing covers, but have dabbled in songwriting in the past. I began streaming on Twitch in 2021 and continue to stream games regularly and occasionally run fundraisers.


  • Basics of Acting - Enfiniti Academy's Performing Arts Certificate with Amsalan Doraisingam and Joanna Bessey, scholarship recipient (October 2021)

  • Basics of Voice - Enfiniti Academy's Performing Arts Certificate with Tria Aziz (October 2021)

  • VA201 - CCC with Brendan Hunter (July 2021)

  • Voice Acting for Animation Workshop - Enfiniti Academy with Steven Bones, Azman Zulkiply, and Na'a Murad, and Joanna Bessey (June 2021)

  • VA101 - CCC with Brendan Hunter (March 2021)

  • Acting 1: Theory and Practice - Monash University with Jane Monty Griffiths and Laura Brent (June 2020)

  • Bachelor of Arts - Monash University, extended major in History, minor in Spanish (October 2020)

Work & Experience


  • Voice acting

  • Singing

  • Stream presenting

  • Ukulele

  • Multilingual (English, Mandarin, Spanish, Malay)

My published singing work primarily consists of my singing and ukulele playing on YouTube. My streaming work can be found on my Twitch.I am fluent in English, speak conversational Mandarin and Spanish, and know basic Malay.

Contact & Socials

For business enquiries, please contact me through the email provided.
I also have a Discord available upon request if required for project contact.
I can also be contacted via direct messaging on Twitter.

Recording specs

  • Rode NT1

  • SM6 shock mount with pop filter

  • Audient iD4 MKII

  • Audacity

Payment & Tips

If you wish to submit a payment for a completed service or tip me to support my work, please do so at the following links.